Nitrogen Rejection

ANR’s Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRU’s) utilize pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to return shut-in natural gas to production.

Typically, to be considered “pipeline quality” natural gas must generate at least 950 BTU/cu ft. and contain no more than 5% nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide. About 17% of the United States’ natural gas and over a third of the wells in Kansas contain more than 5% nitrogen.

This high nitrogen, low-BTU gas often occurs in smaller, more remote fields where traditional processing would prove too expensive.

ANR’s Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRU’s) can economically process daily gas streams of from 100 Mcf to 2 million Mcf. They can be at gathering sites and can be arranged in series to process larger fields.

ANR’s scalable, skid-mounted processing plants are easy to maintain. They have few moving parts and can be operated directly off the feed line. Once programmed they can operate uninterrupted for months at a time.